Summer Camp


Foothills Camp offers a variety of exciting activities, group recreation and experiences. Each camper customizes an activity program to their own preferences.

All of our camps (with the exception of Sherwood Forest, Horsemanship and Wakeboard Camps – see below) are designed to allow the camper to customize their experience by selecting activities of their choice. Activity selection is generally broken down into the following: Four class periods consisting of a mix of active activities (ie: BMX Biking, Archery, Swimming, etc.), Crafts, and Life Adventure Classes. Activity classes are assigned on a first-come first-serve basis, and many are limited in size, so be sure to register for your activities soon. CLICK HERE for more details about the various activities offered

A typical day is as follows:
7:30 am – Wakeup
8:10 am – Flag raising
8:25 am – Breakfast
9:35 am – Camp Council
10:15 am – Activity 1
11:25 am – Activity 2
12:35 pm – Lunch
1:30 pm – Rest Period
2:25 pm – Activity 3
3:35 pm – Activity 4
4:45 pm – Cabin Activities
5:30 pm – Supper
6:45 pm – Group recreation
7:45 pm – Flag lowering
8:00 pm – Campfire
10:30 pm – Lights out

Horsemanship Camp (Limit 10)
This camp is intended for anyone who wants to increase their knowledge and skill with horses. Spend four days learning about horses and improving your riding abililty. Our trained instructors will work with each camper to ensure they leave a stronger rider than when they came. NOTE: Applicants should have a knowledge of basic skills such as catching, leading, tying quick release knots, grooming, saddling, bridling, walking and trotting the horse.

Wakeboard Camp (Limit 16)
Spend four days of fantastic wakeboarding. Our instructors will teach you to wakeboard like never before! A pro-coach will be there to help you build your skills. Other water sports included.

Sherwood Forest Camp (Limit 20)
Spend your week in the exciting Sherwood Forest tree houses where new discovery and endless challenges lay around every corner. The days will be spent in team challenge activities, wilderness skills, crafts, and recreation. Those in Sherwood Forest join the rest of the camp for the unforgettable camp fire program each evening.