Camp Activities

Summer Camp 2018 – Camp Activities

Enjoy the mix of activities with our certified Equestrian Director. This activity gives an understanding of horse care, saddling, trail rides, and rodeo-style challenges, and races in the ring. You will also get the opportunity to drive a horse and cart with our miniature horse-and-cart program!

Experience from beginner to more advanced moves in our gymnastic room. You will have a chance to practice each day and be ready to put on a mini-show by the end of the week! Try out the mini-tramp or just work on some personal skills with our experienced tumblers.

Learn to be just like Robin Hood as you string a bow, and shoot at targets. Try different bows and different targets as you and your friends shoot arrows every day!

Water Sports
Play with our experienced staff at the lake with our powerful motorboat. Dandy Auto Marine has been our sponsor for years and has set us up with state of the art boat, ski, board, surf, and tubing equipment! This activity fills up fast and lasts for half a day each day! Try your hand at riding the big wave as you wake-surf!

BMX Bikes
Ride your way to excitement as you try out different jumps, turns, and twists! Each year we add a couple new bikes and now have a really great collection! Come and join this activity and watch the staff try a 360 off the big jump!

Just for you! Drop-in on the jumps and rails. Learn to kick flip and ollie. You can bring your own board or use one of ours! Join the action. Join the excitement! Live the Adventure!

Be dramatic as you work with our skilled staff to better your skills in acting. Work with the group to prepare a presentation and show your inner-acting side. Have fun and laugh as a group!

Floor Hockey
Join this high octane sport and show your pride as a CANADIAN. Floor hockey is a high action sport and we want you to enjoy it right here at camp! Be a part of a team and play each day!

Experienced or Beginner – it does not matter! Come and join in the fun as we play ball every day! Improve your shot, learn the rules, and play hard!

Speed Stacking
Wow your friends as you have friendly competitions in this growing sport of speed-stacking. Using cups, you build towers at racing speeds and take the tower down faster than you could ever imagine! Try your hand at this fun and exciting sport!

When it’s hot, there’s no better place to be than at the pool. Foothills Camp has a great pool for you to beat-the-heat this summer. Swim, play, jump, cannon-ball, dive . . . whatever it takes to cool down!

Here’s your chance to create something very special. Learn the skills of ceramic art as you make something to take home. Cups, bowls, decoration, whatever can be put into a mold, we can make! Paint it your way and glaze it just right. Come and enjoy this special art!

Blast your way into the future! You will be able to build your own rocket! Paint it to your specifications and then on Friday, we will launch them off into space . . . well almost! After the launch you can take your rocket home and re-launch it as often as you want!

Candle Making
Here’s your chance to design! This activity experiments with different ways to make candles. Try your hand and ice-candles, dipped candles, formed candles, colors, etc.! Make candles and take them home do give away or keep for special occasions.

Creative Crafts
A different craft each day! This activity is designed to lean on the creativity of our experienced craft director and allows for complete freedom of creative expression. Make your crafts, display them, and take them home!

Glass Etching
This craft allows you to create your own design and etch it permanently onto glass. Choose from the glass options, etch it on, and take it home to showcase!

This takes old style art and brings it back to the modern as you use ceramics and tiles to create a masterpiece to take home. With a large variety of tile options, your creativity will be shown in your masterpiece.

Adventure Challenge
A very popular class for those who need a challenge. Learn to build shelters, build fires, or try almost anything that is a challenge here at camp. Our instructors will safely guide you to push the limits!

Wonder what life was like in colonial times? Experience the ways of old as you learn skills to survive the elements. Learn to cook outside and find the things in nature to help you survive! This could change your life!

High Ropes
Here’s your chance to push against the forces of gravity! Plan on joining this amazing activity and try the challenges on the high ropes course – you won’t regret it! The trained and experienced staff will guide you through the experience as you are high above the planet!

Hot Topics
Here’s a chance to talk about some of life’s questions and topics that you have. Our staff are prepared to answer your hardest questions and to tackle the most difficult issues with the group. Want to relax a bit, join this group, laugh, talk, explore.

Here’s your chance to catch bugs, pet the farm animals, eat weird things, and experience some of the strange things of creation! Join the staff in trying something new in nature, camp style!

Team Sports
A different sport each day, this activity is non-stop action. Plan on competing indoors and out-of-doors in this high-octane class. Your team will be challenged!

Beach Volleyball
Enjoy the sand between your toes as you play in the sunshine. This is an ever-popular sport at Foothills Camp!